New in: The Longsleeve T-Shirt

The Factories

We think it's important to know who made your clothes. Click around below to discover the factories behind the Teym wardrobe.

Bucharest, Romania icon
750 Employees icon
Established 1999 icon
Knitwear specialists icon
5 working days, 8 hours icon

The Factory

In an environment dominated by mass production and fast fashion, our wool partner, based in Bucharest, rises above. The largest of the factories we work with is truly a local business, providing us with the highest quality knitwear.

Why we chose it

We loved the vibe immediately. Adina, who heads up the knitwear department, really has clothing manufacturing in her blood (her father worked in a clothing factory in the country’s soviet days). She speaks four languages fluently and runs the department with unparalleled technical knowledge and expertise. We trust her. They work with the best of the best, and we knew we’d be able to work with them to create the perfect sweater.

The Process

This is a high tech operation. The team at our wool partner works with cutting edge technology and years of experience to manufacture luxury knitwear. The high tech equipment means that the factory is very productive without needing to overwork its employees, and of course ensures that we can bring you the best possible product.

The Sweater

When we started to research the perfect sweater, we quickly decided it had to be made from Merino wool. It’s a perfect match with our vision of a more conscious fashion industry, as we want to inspire consumers to buy fewer, better pieces of clothing. Invest in classics, take good care of them and they’ll stay with you forever.

About Merino Wool
The unique qualities of merino wool are what drew us to it. Wool is as natural a fibre as it gets. The Woolmark TM certified yarns we use are durable, soft, machine washable, and the least likely to start pilling. The fibres themselves return to their shape, so if you take care, your resilient merino wool sweater will retain its look and shape for years to come. Merino wool is adaptable, warming you up when its cold but also helping to keep you cool.

Merino wool is also very sustainable. It’s renewable; merino sheep re-fleece each year. It’s biodegradable; decomposing naturally under the right conditions. It’s durable too. Wool garments last on average five times longer than garments made from other fibres.